Trend Zone

Wednesday, March 25th

Please note, that the EXPO program is updated on a current basis

David Guldager, moderator

Trend Zone presents new and exciting technical solutions for improving meetings. Inventors and companies present their own new meeting related products, and the TV2 host and gadget expert, David Guldager is hosting this session and moderating Q&A.

by David Guldager, Lecturer, TV host, Tech Enthusiast

Hrs. 10.00 – 10.20

The UN's global goals as an active benchmarking tool in the company - ZOO as an example

Based on the Copenhagen Zoo's work with the UN's global goals, the focus of this presentation is how to leverage the world goals as a justification tool for the company’s existence and operation.

You will get inspiration on how you can leverage the UN global goals as part of your meetings and conferences.

by Louise Nordbjerg, Education and Development Manager, Copenhagen Zoo. Expert and Ambassador to the UN World Goals.

Hrs. 11.00 – 11.30

When technology helps us to become better people

How can technology help us in becoming better people? Fortunately, there are many answers and suggestions as a response to this question, and one of them is to become more sustainable.

We are faced with a sustainability paradox when leveraging technology. It is a two-edged sword, because although technology often is one of the great culprits in context of climate challenges and sustainability -it is also the very instrument supporting us the most on our journey towards enhanced sustainability

David Guldager will talk about the latest trends and he will address how technology can contribute positively in the constant development of us humans and our surroundings

Ever since the first iPhone hit the world stage, David Guldager has been at the forefront of the market, testing, analyzing and digging into the latest technology trends. Today, he focuses on the trends and technological development we will have to deal with in the future. He does this both as a guest expert in television programs, as a host in various TV productions and as a popular speaker in lectures which he holds throughout the country. 

by David Guldager, Lecturer, TV host, Tech Enthusiast

Hrs. 12.45 – 13.30

Behavioral design and sustainability

Sille Krukow is the author and co-host of the Danish TV show "Vanens Magt", where she nudges the Danes to make better everyday decisions. She is an expert in nudging and behavioral design. She firmly believes that changes in behavior is the key driver for global change in terms of introducing healthier, greener and safer decisions in the everyday lives, beneficial for a major part of the population.

In this presentation, Sille Krukow will introduce basic theories, insights and best practice examples on how to organize your everyday life and surroundings in order to catalyze a change in behavior. Also, you will receive inspiration as how you can nudge employees and consumers to change in favor of more sustainable, efficient and digital work processes and patterns in consumption.

by Sille Krukow, Expert in Nudging and Behavioral Design