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Wednesday, September 2

The EXPO program is updated on a current basis

On day 1 at the Expo the main part of the program is set aside for a presentation of the nominees for the Danish meeting & event award. The presentation is facilitated by Majbritt Sandberg, President MPI Scandinavia, Co-founder of the Pankaik Agency and Helle Svaneborg, Past President MPI Denmark and board member of MPI's International Board of Directors. 


Hrs. 10.00 - 11.00

Best professional event

Meet 3 of the 4 nominees for this award and get inspiration about the planning of conferences and meetings with professional content as well as the organization of razor-sharp events where learning and inspiration is the focus, ensuring that participants achieve new knowledge and return home with full yield of content.

1.Bureau: Brandvenue

Maersk Global Sales event

Brandvenue created a 4-day conference for Maersk Global Sales with the attendance of 2300 participants from 56 countries, across 6 different venues in Madrid. The conference objective was to bring together the participants and facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration. This to ensure a successful kick-start of the united international sales unit at Maersk.

2. Bureau: Create Cph

Case: Event for Aldi

Create Cph’s task was to assemble 2500 employees and 500 suppliers at 6 conferences spread across 3 different locations and executed over 3 consecutive days. Create Cph was given a time frame of only 7 weeks from the initial first briefing to the final delivery and event execution.

In just 7 weeks, ALDI Denmark had to implement a new corporate marketing strategy, which required management to communicate directly to the entire staff across all of their 187 stores.

3. Bureau: Eventually

Case: Welcome Home for HMD Global

In line with HMD's slogan "Home of the Nokia phones", Eventually created the "Welcome to your Nordic home in Barcelona" event. An outdoor stand as built as a village consisting of a collection of wooden houses each with a unique function - meeting rooms, F&B areas, exhibition halls, etc. 

The objective was the creation of brand awareness and lead generation in connection with the launch of 5 new Nokia phones.

Note: This event will be in Danish


Hrs. 11.15 - 12.00

Best Social Event

For planners of colorful parties and events, 2 of the award nominated bureaus will provide inspiration for events targeting the gathering of members or employees for truly unforgettable experiences.

  • Bureau: Humanic
    Case: Novo Nordisk – Collaboration Game
    Humanic was commissioned by Novo Nordisk to create a unique event. This event was to involve 350 staff members, all of whom were to collaborate across gender, age and ethnicity, while avoiding any possible bottlenecks and waiting times.

  • Bureau: kiwibirds
    Case: The O Club
    kiwibirds arranged an internal event at Novo Nordisk for 400 employees at the Tivoli Congress Center. The event was a launch celebration of the diabetes 2 drug, Ozempic. A modern and sophisticated version of a classic 'gala party' was created on conceptual basis of the exclusive 'The O Club'.

Note: This event will be in Danish

Kl. 12.15 - 13.00

Best sustainable event

The nominees for Best sustainable event arer: 

  • Bureau: Experiencepartner
    Case: Event for Dell Technologies

  • Novo Nordisk
    Case: Novo Nordisk companyevent at Roskilde Dyrskue
  • Bureau: Rodkjær Event
    Case Kia, Go Green-kart

Note: This event will be in Danish



13.15 - 14.00

Best Young Talent

Our industry needs young talent and if you want to know more about how to attract or develop the next generation’s talent, you should come and hear the 3 award nominees’ take on what's important to them.

The panel is facilitated by Karen Christina Spuur, an expert in youth management. She will address how employers can benefit the most from the energy, passion and strong professional skills, which young employees bring to the workplace.

The nominees are:

1. Amanda Natalie Fellov, Themes & Event Manager, DFDS
2. Anna Asmind Rosendal, Receptionist Apprentice, Severin Kursuscenter
3. Mohammed Hamudii Chanchiry, Conference Manager, Scandic Sluseholmen

Facilitator: Karen Christina Spuur, Associate Professor in Management, Organization and Communication at Cphbusiness.

Karen Christina Spuur has worked in the field of management for the past 10 years and is the author of the book "Leadership of young people - How to attract and maintain with attentive leadership".

Note: This event is in Danish


Hrs. 14.30 – 15.15

Behavioral design and sustainability

Note: This lecture will be in Danish

by Sille Krukow, Expert in Nudging and Behavioral Design

Hrs. 15.30 - 16.30

Solution Zone - requires registration

When you sign-up for the Solution Zone’s “World Café Workshop”, you can note specific challenges within meeting designs and sustainability, that you face as meeting planner in your company. Professional experts will then facilitate knowledge and address best practices around these issues.

Solution Zone is open for 1 hour every day.

Note: The workshop will be in Danish

The registration will open in August.