Trend Zone

Thursday, September 3

The EXPO program is updated on a current basis

On day 2 at the Trend Zone you will experience new and exciting technical solutions for better meetings. Inventors and companies present their own new products. TV2 host and tech expert David Guldager is the moderator.

Hrs. 10.00 - 10.45

Workshop: Creating Experiences

Participants are invited for active workshop participation and involvement. This workshop focuses on what “the good experience” contains. It will address the experiences that change us and what industry trends we are seeing right now.

by Jeppe Mülhausen, Lecturer

by Nille Presskorn, Lecturer and specialist in guest travel

Note: The workshop will be in Danish



Hrs. 11.00 – 11.45

When technology helps us to become better people

The lecture will be in Danish

by David Guldager, Lecturer, TV host, Tech Enthusiast


Hrs. 12.00 - 12.45

Workshop: How to create sessions that fit your audience like a glove!

Learn from theory, experience and discussions how to make the right choices in your session types. Get away from the presenter on stage with a death-by-powerpoint-session and think in an early stage about what brains need.

Ingrid Rip, Event Designer & Owner of RREM

Note: The workshop will be in Danish

Hrs. 13.15- 13.45

Healthy food at conferences

Most hotels claim to have a focus on health and sustainability, but what should they be ready for in 2020 and beyond? What do customers expect and how do we accommodate them?

by Christian Bitz, Nutritionist (sponsored by Himmerland Spa & Golf Resort)

Note: The lecture will be in English


Hrs. 14.00 - 15.00

Solution Zone - requires registration

When you sign-up for the Solution Zone’s “World Café Workshop”, you can note specific challenges within meeting designs and sustainability, that you face as meeting planner in your company. Professional experts will then facilitate knowledge and address best practices around these issues.

Solution Zone is open for 1 hour every day.

You have to sign-up for the Solution Zone. The registration will open in August.