Trend Zone

Thursday, March 26th

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David Guldager, moderator

Trend Zone presents new and exciting technical solutions for improving meetings. Inventors and companies present their own new meeting related products, and the TV2 host and gadget expert, David Guldager is hosting this session and moderating Q&A.

by David Guldager, by David Guldager, Lecturer, TV host, Tech Enthusiast

Hrs. 13.00- 13.30

Healthy food at conferences

Most hotels claim to have a focus on health and sustainability, but what should they be ready for in 2020 and beyond? What do customers expect and how do we accommodate them?

Christian Bitz talks about the concept he has developed in collaboration with Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort and he provides his view on food at the conference of the future.

by Christian Bitz, Nutritionist (sponsored by Himmerland Spa & Golf Resort)