Program High Zone

Thursday, March 26th

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Hrs. 10.00 - 10.45

Change happens. With or without you.

The challenges of development are: the speed of change and its unprecedented number of dimensions. So much is happening... And all of it is happening simultaneously. How can you create enough energy to not only talk about change and innovation, but to make it a guiding light for yourself and your company? How can you envision your future and design it. How can you know where your market and your customers are heading? If you do not adapt you will die. If you act smart you will dominate your market and your success.

One of Europe’s top business experts on innovation, change, trends and disruption of the future. He ignites audiences across the globe to not just understand, but heartfully embrace the new trends and demands. Dahmen is a highly energetic speaker on the upcoming demands and the business opportunities and what that means to your success-strategies and actions of today! He explains the complex in simple ways, and gets his audience - from expert to novice - to feel the need to change NOW!

Dietmar started out as a strategic planner, and later moved on to become a highly decorated creative. He was Creative Director with DDB, Executive Creative Director with Ogilvy, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director with BBDO, working in Hamburg, New York, Munich, Los Angeles and Vienna.

by Dietmar Dahmen

PLEASE NOTE! The lecture is in English.


Hrs. 13.15 - 14.15

Stand firm: A showdown with our time’s constant craving for development

A constant development of skills, the sense of self and personality profile has become a requirement in our accelerating culture. The readiness and the ability for change seems to be the only permanent thing in our lives. In context of both education, in family life and at work it appears to be prevailing that development interviews and coaching sessions is a constant factor. 

In this presentation Svend Brinkmann raises the question whether we by now have reached the limitation of flexibility capability and readiness for change that people can endure.

What are the consequences for human integrity, loyalty and sense of duty when we are constantly required to develop? Can we really find a true pathway in life by constantly looking into oneself for a feel of direction? And what are the alternatives for people who will not constantly strive to "find themselves", but would rather stand firm in their lives and attach themselves to their feeling of true self? In this presentation Svend Brinkmann introduces a philosophy that emphasizes serenity, dignity and sense of duty as an antidote against today's constant cravings for transition and development.

by Svend Brinkmann