This years's theme:

CSR sustainability

How do you conduct your business responsibly as a planner without compromising quality, exclusivity, creativity and vision?
You will get very specific suggestions on how to address these issues from exhibitors, speakers and workshops.

“Imagine if all the approx. 2000 attending meeting planners, each will take 2-3 sustainability ideas from the EXPO back home for implementation and adoption… Then we have succeeded, big time”.

Talks on changing habits, nudging, sustainable meeting designs, etc.
Food: ecology, local suppliers, seasonal food, meat as an option, food waste reduction and more.
No plastic bottles
Focus on recycling and waste sorting
Green Zone - sustainable ideas
Code of conduct for the exhibitors


We challenge and encourage everyone to share their success stories at SoMe #nmee for common inspiration

And much more will be shared as our EXPO planning progresses…

Code of conduct