The Trade Show in numbers

Every year after the trade show, Kursuslex conducts an analysis of its exhibitors and visitors.

Below you will find an extract of the statistic results and numbers of the Nordic Meetings & Events EXPO 2019.


The 337 exhibitors
had the following experience:

  • 86% of exhibitors were satisfied or very satisfied with the trade show
  • 78% received event related inquiries on orders post the trade show
  • 23% received orders during the trade show itself

The visitor numbers involved in planning and/or purchase of:

  • 80% of venues for events
  • 56% of team building events
  • 39% of lecturers for events
  • 31% of catering for events
  • 27% of transportation related to events
  • 22% of advertisement related to events
  • 19% of AV equipment for events
  • 33% of travels related to events (group trips and business trips)
  • 45% of visitors spent more than 4 hours at the trade show