Safe Visit to Nordic Meetings & Events EXPO 2020

Please find below a description of our initiatives to secure a healthy event environment, initiatives to make your participation safe and initiatives, that we view as relevant and secure compliance with all authority regulations.

Number of participants
An exhibition fair or EXPO must follow the authority guidelines for large shopping malls (such as IKEA or shopping centres). Capacity is based upon number of m2. Forum CPH has approximately 10.000 m2, therefor the capacity is 1000 people. Should regulations not be softened, we will divide guests into time-slots, to enable up to a total of 2000 guests during the two days of the EXPO.

Initiatives (before the EXPO)

  • Downscaling number of guests
  • Option to participate online
  • All guests, exhibitors and crew must be pre-registered
  • No onsite registration
  • All crew have received thorough instructions on how to secure a safe event environment

Entrance (arriving)

  • Separation of entrance and exit area
  • 4 separate check-in areas
  • Cloackroom separated from entrance and placed to allow social distance
  • Cloakroom designed to avoid contamination of private items
  • Clear signage guidance to secure a safe crowd flow
  • Access to all relevant safety equipment free of charge such as masks and disposable gloves
  • All guests must use hand-sanitizer before entering the EXPO hall

The EXPO (during)

  • Stage and audience areas are adjusted to meet all authority distance requirements
  • Monitoring number of people in all zones in real-time through LiveConnect technology
  • Securing broad isles between exhibition booths and other zones
  • Guest- and exhibitor restaurants in compliance with Horestas Safe to visit programme
  • Safety-crew in all zones, securing crowd safety and offering hand sanitizer, masks, etc.
  • All exhibitors has agreed to comply with authority regulations and sanitize all hot spots on a regular basis. If handing out tastings, samples safety should come before sustainability
  • Time-specific activities on the exhibition booths are cancelled or moved to open areas to secure crowd safety
  • Signage reminding guest of hygiene and safe distance
  • Access to hand sanitizer, masks and disposable gloves in all central areas
  • Frequint cleaning of all hotspots


Exit (leaving)

  • Exit area is separated from entrance area to secure crowd safety
  • Exit area is scalable to allow rush-hour adaption

We look forward to welcome you at Nordic Meetings & Events Expo in September.

Should you have any questions about the Expo, please do not hesitate to contact us on